Information Regarding Inpatient & Outpatient Care

Jul 06, 2020

We inform you regarding patient care on this page in a timely manner.

1. New Admissions

Since March 26, new admissions had been limited to those who needed urgent care. But starting May 7, we began to accept a wider range of patients depending on their needs in a phased manner. As of June 1, we also reinstated to accept new admissions.

2. Visitors (initial visits, emergency care, and returning patients)

(1) Initial Visits
As of June 1, we resumed outpatient clinics as normal operations, in principle. If you visit us for the first time, please read information of the following website.

New Patients

New Patient Appointment Center
Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (on consultation days)
Tel: 03-3353-1257
Please prepare the referral documents from your healthcare provider

We are not the Consultation center for COVID-19. If you are in treatment at our hospital and are experiencing shortness of breath, fatigue, fever, or other cold-like symptoms, please call us by phone to be consulted before your visit. Anyone else experiencing such symptoms must contact the COVID-19 Consultation Hotline.

Information About the Tokyo COVID-19 Consultation Hotline

(2) Emergency Care
Emergency care is being reopened step by step as of June 1, although ER was closed since March 28. When accepting you as an emergency patient, we assess your condition and take appropriate measures to prevent infection, providing medical care under the assumption that they may be infected with COVID-19. In the event of emergency hospitalization, the patient will be treated in a private room for purposes of preventing the spread of infection.

(3) Return Visits
For return visits, we are continuing to provide medical care required by treatment plans, including chemotherapy and immunotherapy. After May 7, outpatient clinics have been reinstated to normal operations in a phased manner.

If your medical condition worsened or you have any medical concerns, please call the patient hotline as soon as possible.

(4) Other
We are gradually reopening the Center for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy, which had been closed due to restrictions on outpatient care.

3. Phone Consultations & Issuing Out-of-Hospital Prescriptions

In an effort to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we are providing phone consultations and issuing out-of-hospital prescriptions.

*For more details;

4. Rescheduling Appointments

We currently accept to reschedule your appointments even after the originally scheduled date.

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5. Comprehensive Medical Exams at the Center for Preventive Medicine

We are once again providing comprehensive medical exams with the implementation of infection prevention recommended by the Japan Society of Ningen Dock, including COVID-19 PCR testing before all examinations. We are open to making new reservations, starting July 1, and exams will take place during the center’s regular operating hours.

We are conducting PCR testing to ensure patient safety and quality care. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. For more information, please visit the Center for Preventive Medicine website.

Center for Preventive Medicine (Japanese)

6. Other Inquiries

Please refer to the website below.

*For consultations and other inquiries (Japanese)

(Updated: July 6)