The Hospital as a Research and Educational Center

Dean of the School of Medicine
Hospital Director

Keio University School of Medicine and Hospital (hereinafter referred to as “the hospital”) are not only health care centers, they also exist as a medical research facility and education institute, as suggested by their names.

As a Research Center

The hospital utilizes its clinical data and patient examination data for the purpose of research and medical advancement. Conferences are held on a regular basis for detailed review and analysis of treatment methods, ad\nd patients may also be referred to other clinical departments in the hospital when deemed appropriate. Data may be disclosed at academic conferences or to third parties if it can help other health care centers provide quality health care. When data is disclosed in academic settings, patients are anonymized to prevent them from being identified, and due consideration is given to their privacy.

As an Education Center

In this hospital, residents also provide care alonside regular hospital staff. These residents undergo clinical training in the hospital for a specific period of time after becoming certified as physicians to enhance their experience and improve their skills.

Patient consultations are sometimes attended by medical, nursing, and other health care-related students. As part of their university education, students are encouraged to join other hospital staff in order to experience various clinical settings and improve their medical knowledge. When students participate, supervising physicians and nurses are present to provide them with necessary and adequate advice appropriate to their skill level.

We would like you to understand that Keio University Hospital is not only a health care center, but also a research and educational institution, and we look forward to your continued support. If you have any questions regarding the above information, please feel free to contact us.

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