Hospital Etiquette

Masks & Cough Etiquette

When coughing or sneezing...

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue. Dispose of the tissue immediately. Wash your hands with soap and water. Wear a mask to prevent the spread of germs.

Infection Prevention & Control Measures


Smoking is prohibited throughout the Shinanomachi Campus and Keio University Hospital. As regulated by Shinjuku ward, smoking is prohibited on all streets, and smokers must avoid exposing non-smokers to secondhand smoke when smoking in parks or other open spaces.

Your understanding and cooperation in the protection of our patients is appreciated.

Use of mobile phones

Please set your mobile phone to silent while at the hospital.

  • The use of mobile phones for email and other applications is allowed throughout the hospital except in some restricted areas.
  • Please use your mobile phone with consideration in order not to disturb other patients.

SILENT mode in any area of the hospital. Mobile phone calls must be made in the designated areas. The use of e-mail, internet, or other applications on your mobile device is allowed anywhere in the hospital. Be careful not to disturb other patients when using your cell phone. Please refrain from using wifi connection devices, such as wireless router, as they may interfere our medical information system. 
Keio University HospitalPoster (Please keep your mobile phone in silent mode)

Phone calls must be made within the designated areas.

Mobile phone areas:
  • Single/Private inpatient rooms
  • Lobbies or elevator areas shown in the map on the right

Building 3 (South Wing). 1st—6th floor north-side elevators. 3rd floor entrance lobby. Building 2. Under the 1st Floor escalators. Near the public phones next to 2nd Floor Reception. 3rd Floor elevators. 5th—10th floor elevators. Wing 1 Wards. Near the emergency entrance on the 1st floor of Wing 1. Near the public phones on the 3rd floor. 4th floor lobby. Central Ward. B1—2nd floor north-side elevators. Wing 2 Wards. In front of 2nd—5th floor ward entrances . Poster (MOBILE PHONE USE PERMITTED IN THIS AREA).Making and receiving calls, emailing, and using any other mobile phone funtions are prohibited in restricted areas.

Restricted Areas

The use of cell phones is restricted in the following areas:
  • –Emergency Department
  • –Examination rooms
  • –Rooms with specialized medical testing equipment


  • –In the case of certain examinations and treatments, mobile phone use may be restricted even in places where it is usually permitted.
  • –Please refrain from using pocket WiFi routers, as they may interfere with the hospital's medical information systems.
  • –Please protect your personal devices as well as your data to avoid any damage, loss, or theft.
  • –For the protection of patients' privacy, please refrain from taking pictures in the hospital.
  • –Electric outlets are for hospital use only. Please do not use them to charge your devices.

Keio University Hospital, June 2014