Accreditations (Authorizations & Designations as a Health Care Center)


Hospital Foundation Authorization
Advanced Treatment Hospital
Core Clinical Research Hospital
Hospital Type 3 Accreditation by the Japan Council for Quality Health Care
Tokyo Disaster Base Hospital
J-DMAT Designated Hospital
Regional Perinatal Care Center
Regional Cancer Center Hospital
AIDS Core Hospital
Registered Organ Transplant Medical Facility (Liver, Small Intestine, Kidney)
Advanced Clinical Training Hospital (Foreign Medical Practitioner / Foreign Dental Practitioner)
Core Hospital for Allergic Diseases
Core Hospital for Cancer Genomic Medicine
Regional Rehabilitation Center
Hospital Participating in the Project of Model-Beds for Tuberculosis Care
Clinical Resident Training Hospital (Nucleus Type / Cooperative Type)
Clinical Training Facility for Dentists

Medical Institution Designations under Law

Fire Service Act (Emergency Medical Treatment)
Health Care Act (Health Insurance Covered Medical Institution)
National Health Insurance Act (Medical Treatment Institution)
Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Act
Local Public Officers Accident Compensation Act
Act for Atomic Bomb Sufferers’ Medical Care
Act on Special Aid to the Wounded and Sick Retired Soldiers
Maternal and Child Health Act
Public Assistance Act
Child Welfare Act
Intractable Diseases Act
Act for the Comprehensive Support of Persons with Disabilities
Mental Health Act
Infectious Disease Act (Designated Medical Institution for Tuberculosis and Designated Medical Institution for Class II Infectious Diseases )
Act on Promotion of Smooth Return of Japanese Remaining in China and Support for Self-Support for Permanent Returnees and Their Spouses