Cancer Care

Initial Consultation Cancer Clinic

Each department at Keio University Hospital is engaged in providing specialized cancer treatment. Departments are classified below according to each cancer's location, type, and treatment.

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Departments by Cancer Type

Each department provides specialized cancer treatment. This hospital is employing the classification found below according to the site and type of cancer as well as the treatment strategy.

Locations, Types, Treatments Department Links
Type Treatment Cancer Center
Systemic cancer Radiation therapy Radiation Oncology
Palliative care Palliative Care Center
Hematologic cancer Hematology
Musculoskeletal cancer Orthopedic Surgery
Skin cancer Dermatology
Head and neck cancer Brain tumors Neurosurgery
Oral cancer Dentistry & Oral Surgery
Ear, nose and throat cancer Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
Thoracic cancer Lung and respiratory cancers Pulmonary Medicine
General Thoracic Surgery
Cancer Center
Breast cancer Cancer Center
Thoracic Cancer Lung and respiratory cancers Department of Gastrointestinal Medicine
Pulmonary Medicine
Cancer Center
Breast cancer Cancer Center
Abdominal Cancer Cancers of the pancreas, gallbladder, and liver Gastroenterology and Hepatology
General and Gastroenterological Surgery
Gastrointestinal cancer Cancer Center
Cancers of the kidney and urinary tract Urology
Adrenal gland cancer Nephrology, Endocrinology and Metabolism
Gynecologic cancers Gynecology
Childhood cancer Children Pediatrics
Pediatric Surgery
Hereditary cancer Cancer and genetics Center for Medical Genetics

Cancer Consultation Services

The Cancer Counseling and Support Center was established to provide both cancer patients and their families with individual consultation, and also plays host to patient salons. The bi-monthly salons provide a place for patients and their families to meet with others and share their experiences. We also provide a broad range of health and medical information (diseases, examinations, nutrition, prescriptions, etc.) at the information corner and on the bulletin board found at the center.

Cancer Counseling and Support Center

If you are receiving cancer care outside of Keio University Hospital, we can offer a second opinion regarding the diagnoses and treatments provided by your physician. The service is intended to aid you and your physician in determining the most appropriate course of treatment.

Second Opinion Services

Designated Cancer Hospitals

Designated Cancer Hospitals are a nationwide network of medical centers appointed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) based upon the "Guidelines for Establishing Designated Cancer Hospitals."
There are two types of Designated Cancer Hospitals: prefectural hospitals (with approximately one such hospital per prefecture), and regional hospitals. Keio University Hospital was designated as the latter in April 2011.
Keio University Hospital has been appropriated to the West District, one of 11 divisions within Tokyo, and serves as the main Designated Cancer Hospital for the wards of Shinjuku, Nakano, and Suginami.

Efforts made by Keio University Hospital as a Designated Cancer Hospital