New Patients

  1. Obtain a Referral Letter

    1) Initial medical consultation at Keio University Hospital requires a referral letter from your primary health care center.

    The hospital mainly treats patients requiring advanced medical services. Anyone seeking initial medical care at this hospital is required to bring a referral letter from their primary health care center. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

  2. Make an Appointment

    2) Patients are encouraged to make an appointment.

    To minimize wait time, we kindly ask you to make an appointment. If you visit the hospital without an

  3. Coordination

    3) We provide personalized care in coordination with regional health care centers.

    You will be referred back to a regional health care center if it is determined most beneficial. We will then work in close coordination with your health care center to ensure that you receive the most personalized care possible.

Information on Primary Health Care
Please refer to the following links to find a primary health care center:

Outpatient Care

The outpatient brochure can be downloaded from the link on the right.

Outpatient Brochure (PDF)

Reminders for Patients

A new patient is defined as:
  • anyone who is visiting the hospital for the first time.
  • anyone who is visiting the hospital on an outpatient basis but is consulting another department for the first time.
  • anyone whose treatment concluded more than six months ago without arranging a following visit.
Visiting the hospital without an appointment:
When visiting the hospital without an appointment or referral letter, our physicians will make one of the following judgements:
  • You will be able to see a physician that day.
  • You will need to make an appointment for another day.
  • You should consult another health care center.
Visiting the hospital without a referral:
Hospital visits made without a referral will incur a medical fee of 7,700 yen (tax included).