Billing & Payment

  1. Physician’s
  2. Cashier
  3. Automatic
  4. Pharmacy
    *only those
  5. Leave
    the hospital

After completing the consultation, tests, and treatments, please bring your patient ID card, payment sheet, and test results to the Cashier for Outpatients (No.20). Please insert your patient ID card into the Payment Reception Ticket Machine placed at the cashier counter, and receive a reception ticket for payment.
When the calculation of your payment is complete, the number printed on your reception ticket for payment will appear on the cashier display.
Please hold the bar code over the bar code reader of the Automatic Payment Machine, and then complete your payment according to the displayed or voice guidance.
If drugs are prescribed for you, please detach the exchange ticket for drugs on the perforated line of your receipt, and bring it to the counter of the Pharmaceutical Department to receive your drugs. Do not forget to take your patient ID card when leaving the hospital.

Your medical bill will be issued.
After completing the consultation, tests, and treatments, please see the Cashier for Outpatients (No.20) for your payment.

  1. After all examinations have been completed, please proceed to Reception Window 20 with your patient ID and examination receipt. Place your patient ID in the tray on the counter, and take a billing reception slip.
  2. Once your bill has been calculated, your number will be displayed on the screen. At the automated payment machine, scan your barcode, and follow the instructions to make your payment.
  3. Your next scheduled appointment time is written on the Patient Information Guide attached to your receipt. You don't need to bring this to your next appointment, but please keep it for reference.
  4. If you have a prescription, detach the voucher from your receipt and take it to the pharmacy to receive your prescription. Please do not forget to take your patient ID when leaving the hospital.

Depending on your annual payout, you may be able to claim medical expenses as a tax deduction.
Receipts cannot be reiussed. Please keep your receipt in a safe place.