Mission / Action Plan

Keio University Hospital Mission

To provide compassionate, reliable, patient-centered health care.
To develop and provide advanced medical care and ensure its quality and safety.
To foster the development of medical professionals who possess intellectual depth and compassionate understanding.
To contribute to the welfare of humankind through ethical medical science and medical care.

Action Plan

In March 2011, with a strong sense of social responsibility, Keio established a set of action plans. Culled from the opinions of over 2,000 staff members, the plans are intended to serve as guidlines for how to properly deal with any manner of issues in a variety of settings.
A booklet outlining Keio's three principles was distributed to all staff members. The principles are:
1. Bond - maintaining the strength of our organization
2. Reliability - providing patients and their families with compassionate care as a socially responsible health care institution.
3. Future - leading the way in the future of medicine.

Faculty Pocket Handbook

The handbook is required for all staff members, and compiles safety measures, infection control information, and details on information sharing within the hospital.

Privacy Policy