General Information Center

Division of Patient Support


Just inside the main entrance (next to 1st Floor Reception)


Monday - Saturday: 8:40 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on consultation days



The Center offers consultations on:

  1. Intractable Diseases and Nutrition

    Based on our hospital's mission to "provide compassionate, reliable, patient-centered health care," we are dedicated to maintaining an inclusive environment where both patients and their familes can easily share and discuss their concerns.
    Consultations are given by our specialized staff, which includes nurses, pharmacists, registered dietians, and other medical personnel.

  2. Cancer

    Many questions, fears, and anxieties often accompany a cancer diagnosis. Our dedicated staff are there to listen, and can provide advice along with a wide range of information that will help alleviate those feelings. Consultations often help with learning cancer vocabulary, understanding cancer treatments and their side affects, and addressing financial concerns over the cost of treatment.

  3. Clinical Research and Clinical Trials

    Clinical research and clinical trials are made possible only through the support of our patients. Clinical research at Keio seeks to advance not only our understanding of diseases and their cures, but also to improve the quality of patient life. Clinical trials utilize patient data in order to create more effective drugs that will be able to receive government accreditation for general use. Please contact us if you would like to help Keio University Hospital in its mission to eradicate disease.

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