Imaging Data Q&A

QWhat kind of work does the Imaging Service Center do?
AThe center inputs imaging data (film or CD/DVD) received from patients into the hospital's imaging data servers. The center also provides digital imaging data (CD-ROM) to patients who wish to receive a second opinion at another health care center (images cannot be requested after hours). Requested images are usually issued at the time of payment following a medical consultation, and CD-ROMs issued by the hospital do not need to be returned. Images cannot be mailed and must be picked up at the hospital.
QWhat kind of system does the Imaging Service Center use?
AIn March 2008, Keio University Hospital transitioned to a digital imaging network system. Data is kept digitally, and physical films (CT/MRI scans, sonograms, x-ray images, etc.) are usually not produced. When imaging data is produced, it is issued on CD. This also applies to patients' personal requests.
QHow much does it cost to order imaging data?
  • Imaging service costs are included in second opinion consultation fees.
  • Personal requests for imaging data on CD cost 1,000 yen (tax excluded).
  • Images being submitted to a government or municipal office are covered by public funds.
  • Images being submitted to courts for disclosure purposes need to be paid for privately.
QAre physical films still available?
APhysical films are only issued for submission to a government or municipal office.
  • Please note that films can only be produced:
  • –when imaging data needs to be sent to a public organization other than a hospital.
  • –when imaging data needs to be sent to the Social Insurance Agency to renew disability insurance (once every 2 years).
  • –when a tuberculosis patient wants to claim public funds.
  • –when a patient with an intractable disease wants to claim public funds.
  • –when imaging data needs to be sent to a court.
QI was told by another health care center that my Keio-issued CD couldn't be read. What should I do?
AComputers running Windows 2000 or later will automatically read imaging data.
Software for viewing the imaging data is included on all CDs issued by the Imaging Service Center.
Please note that large files may take some time to load.
QWhen is the Imaging Service Center open?
AThe center is open from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.Requested imaging data is usually issued the following day after 9:00 a.m.The center cannot accept requests after hours or on holidays.