1. Preparing for
    Your Visit
  2. Arrival
    & Check-In
  3. During
    Your Stay
  4. Discharge
  5. Going Home

Prior to discharge, your primary physician and nurse will talk with you about life after discharge from the hospital and provide detailed information on any follow-up treatments.
A copy of your discharge form will be provided. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Before You Leave

Follow-up Appointments & Testing
on any follow-up treatment. If required, consultations with pharmacists or nutritionists can also be arranged.
Post-Discharge Medications
Your primary nurse will provide any medications and explain proper dosage, etc.
Please inform your primary doctor prior to your day of discharge if you have any requests regarding medications.
Requested Medical Records & Certificates
Please inquire at the staff station prior to your day of discharge.
Hospital Card
If you do not have a hospital card, please inquire at the staff station. (Hospital cards are kept by the hospital during hospitalization.)

Please Remember

Settle all payments
Please settle all payments for services used during your stay, such as newspaper delivery and laundry service, as well as the TV/Laundry card.