Keio University Hospital to remain an Advanced Treatment Hospital throughout state of emergency

Jan 15, 2021

With the government declaration of a state of emergency, Keio University Hospital is determined to fulfill its duties (difficult operations such as organ transplantation, etc.) as an Advanced Treatment Hospital and take the following measures to prevent COVID-19 infection. Faculty and staff in each of the hospital’s departments will do everything they can to implement these measures to provide patients safety and peace of mind as they receive the medical care they require. We also believe that it is equally important for everyone who visits the hospital to practice infection prevention in their daily lives. We kindly ask that you read the following and help us fight the spread of COVID-19.
*Details may change as the domestic situation develops.

Infection Prevention Measures at Keio University Hospital
1) All Visitors to the Hospital
Before entering the hospital, have your temperature taken and put on your mask
- Temperature screenings take place at the hospital’s main entrance and the entrance to Building 3.
If you have a fever of 37.5℃ or higher, or experience any other change in your physical condition, you may not be allowed to enter the hospital.
- You must wear a mask. Keep your mask on until you are asked to remove it by your doctor or nurse.
* Masks are available at the vending machines in front of restaurant Hyakka Hyakucho and near the first-floor entrance of Building 3 (South Wing).

2) Outpatients, Family Members & Attendants
For Those Planning to Visit the Hospital
For those showing symptoms or those concerned they may be infected with COVID-19
- This hospital is not designated to treat infectious diseases.
- If you think that you may be infected with COVID-19, please contact a consultation center. Please use the website below to find a consultation center near you.

If you have been examined as a patient and meet any of the following conditions, please contact the nearest general information or reception counter
- If you have symptoms such as a fever or cough
- If you have returned to Japan within the last two weeks

Measures to avoid crowding in outpatient clinics
- Outpatient schedules are being rearranged to reduce and prevent crowding caused by changes in consultation days and times.
- In order to avoid crowding during blood sample collection, we recommend getting your sample taken in the afternoon, ahead of your consultation day, or coming 90 minutes early to coincide with your appointment.
- Phone Consultations (Follow-Ups Only) & Issuing Out-of-Hospital Prescriptions
- Get notified on LINE

3) Inpatients & Visitors
Mandatory PCR Test Before Admission
- Patients scheduled for admission: All patients must take a test no later than one day before admission.

Hospital Visits Suspended
- Visits are suspended for all areas of the hospital, including wards, lounges, and dining areas
- Visits by family members will be limited to admission and discharge, diagnosis and prognosis, day of surgery, or if you have explicitly been asked to come to the hospital by a nurse or physician.

Infection Prevention Measures to be Taken by Patients
1) Usual Precautions
- Always wear a mask
- Wash your hands!
- Avoid the “Three Cs”

2) Two Weeks Before Admission
- Stay at home as much as possible and avoid eating and drinking in large groups and visiting crowded places or places where you could come into contact with many people.
- Avoid eating with anyone other than family members and housemates. Talking at close range without a mask increases your risk of infection.
- Wash your hands when you come home, after touching shared surfaces, before eating, and after going to the bathroom.

3) During Your Stay
- Always wear a mask outside of your room. Also, wear a mask while inside your room whenever possible (private rooms excluded).
- Wash or disinfect your hands when leaving and returning to your room, after touching doorknobs, before eating, and after going to the bathroom.
- In shared rooms, do not talk with the curtains open or without a mask.
- Do not leave your ward between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. when the hospital is crowded.