Privacy Policy

Dean of the School of Medicine
Hospital Director General

Keio University Hospital (hereinafter referred to as “the hospital E protects the rights and interests of patients and other people, and respects their privacy by handling their personal health care information properly.
The hospital obtains and uses personal health care information in an appropriate manner for the purposes of medical practice, research, and education as well as the operation and management of the School of Medicine and hospital, as stated in this document. The hospital also implements measures necessary for preventing personal health care information from being leaked, lost, or damaged, as well as other safety management measures.

1. Purpose of Use

  1. (i) In principle, the hospital handles personal health care information for the following purposes, and will never be used unless it is necessary to accomplish these purposes
    1. Providing medical services to patients
    2. Clerical work related to health insurance (including the submission of health insurance claims to agencies for screening and payment, and responding to inquiries asked by those agencies and insurers)
    3. Management and operation of facilities related to patients
    4. Collaboration with other hospitals, clinics, birth centers, physicians, dentists, nurses, and other health care professionals (hereinafter referred to as "health care centers")
    5. Response to referrals from other health care centers
    6. Seeking opinions and advice from other health care centers
    7. Samples and other tests
    8. Providing explanations of medical conditions to the families of patients
    9. Informing specific organizations of the results of contracted physical examinations and other tests
    10. Consulting and submitting reports to health care-related organizations, insurance companies, and other agencies in relation to medical professional liability insurance
    11. Medical research and education, including case studies
    12. Performing tasks required for obtaining patients' consent, such as placing phone calls to contact numbers listed on patient submitted forms
  2. (ii) If you cannot consent to any of the provisions listed in (i), please inform the department in charge, as stated below. You are allowed to withdraw your refusal to consent or change it to cover part or all of the provisions of the policy.

2. Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties

  1. (i) The hospital does not provide any third parties with personal health care information without obtaining the person's consent in advance, except for the cases stated in the paragraphs of Section 1, Article 23, of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, which is related to the provision of information required for community disease registry to local governments.
  2. (ii) It should be noted that, when outsourcing audits, sample tests, and other tasks to third parties, the hospital may be required to provide personal health care information.

3. Security Control Measures

The hospital implements various organizational, individual, physical, and technological measures in order to prevent personal health care information from being leaked, lost, or damaged.

4. Disclosure and Correction of Health Records

Medical records are disclosed to patients and their families (for viewing and duplication) according to the Guidlines on the Provision of Health Care Information at Keio University Hospital. We also accept requests for disclosure/corrections to personal health care information that is not specified in the aformentioned guidelines.

If you have any other inquiries and questions regarding the hospital's handling of personal health care information, please contact the following center:

Patient Support Center
Tel: 03-5563-3638
* Monday–Saturday: 8:40a.m.-4:00p.m.

Revised May 2013